Steam Engine "Mini Beam"

Steam Engine "Mini Beam"

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Ready to run model

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The smallest double sided acting Mini Beam Steam Engine, developed from the manufacturer Lutz Hielscher. With condenser and made of fine precious metals like stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

Technical datas

Ready to run Model
Lenght: 106 mm
Width: 49 mm
Height: 73 mm
Piston: 7 mm
Stroke: 7 mm
Steering: slider steering, double sided acting
Weight: 96 g
Running time: about 5 min with one water filling.

In 1712 Newcomen installed the first commercialy available beam=balancier steam engine which was used to pump up water from a coal mine. A wooden beam, balanced in the center was pulled down at one end by the steam engine. This caused the upward movment of a chain attached to the other end. This chain in its turn operated a water pump allowing to be mined at greater depths.
In the late 1700s James Watt whilst working on a model Newcomen engine, came up with engine improvents which led to a much more efficent and useful steam engine with rotaty motion which could turn the wheels of the factory machines, railway engines and ships of the industrial revolution.

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