Hielscher Steam Motorbike, kit

Hielscher Steam Motorbike, kit

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A Steam Motorbike with clutch for idling and driving.

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We offer:
Packing with wrapping paper on reguest, free of charge.
Buying a steam engine driven with solid fuel, for more than 100 Euro,
the is one package solid fuel (Esbit) free of charge.

We deliver world-wide via DHL.


“Get My Motor Runnin’, Headin’ up the Highway...”
Everyone knows the real star of Easy Rider was Peter Fonda’s ‘chopped hog’ Harley Davidson.
But in a parallel universe? Maybe a steam-powered version like this fascinating model.

Precision in miniature (only 6" long) it’s a piece of exquisite engineering with the designers following that maths teacher’s instruction ‘Please show all working’. In fact it demonstrates the beautiful simplicity of basic steam power.

A dry fuel cell heats the water in the flask and the steam expands down the brass pipe to power the tiny single piston. Finally drive is by belt to the back wheel.

Intricately detailed, note the tiny brass exhaust pipe, it chuffs along happily - supported by its stabilisers - for about 5 minutes per water filling.

„Born to be wild...“

All kits are fully machined and ready to be assembled!

Technical Datas
Length: 180 mm
Width: 85 mm
Height : 95mm
Dia. piston: 3 mm
steering: oscillating
Weight:  107 g
running time: ~ 5 min with one water filling.

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Hielscher Steam Motorbike, kit
Hielscher Steam Motorbike, kit
Hielscher Steam Motorbike, kit


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