M 99 Wilesco Barrel Organ in Wood

M 99 Wilesco Barrel Organ in Wood

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The beautiful sound of this organ results from the luxury wood used in its production, and is due to the large sound volume. You can run this organ with any Wilesco Steam Engine or manually. Once you have connected both parts with a flexible belt then you have all the sounds of the fair in your living-room. The design of this barrel organ is adapted from a classic transportable organ from the beginning of the last century, which were mainly manufactured in Waldkirch in the Blackforest, which was famous for its organs. The quality of our organ is as high as the originals and its sound can be heard over a long distance. It is a brilliant model which will find its way into the hearts of friends of nostalgic toys. There are 3 premarked cards and 1 unmarked, to compose your own melody. The premarked cards must first be punched using the supplied punch.

The mechanical sound system of the barrel organ is adapted from the original and is based on a paper tape mechanism which allows the owner to play lots of melodies. The only difference to an organ which is used nowadays is the way to generate the sound. The sound of an original barrel organ is generated with organ pipes, but the ones on our model are done mechanically.

Packing includes: Punch pliers, three paper tapes with melodies and one paper tape to compose for yourself.


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