D 395 Wilesco Steam Roller, green

D 395 Wilesco Steam Roller, green

324,00 EUR

incl. 19 % USt zzgl. Versandkosten

Gewicht: 2,80 KG

Art.Nr.: 080395

Incl. Remote Control

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We offer:
Packing with wrapping paper on reguest, free of charge.
Buying a steam engine driven with solid fuel, for more than 100 Euro,
the is one package solid fuel (Esbit) free of charge.

We deliver world-wide via DHL.


A one-cylinder-steam engine is now fully reversibleby the new remote control system for each Wilesco steam roller. With this new item the steam roller can move forwards and bachwards as well as turn to the left and right. After the steam roller is heated up, you just have to start the flywheel once and the free ride can begin. In this way nostalgic technology and modern electronics come together. Additionally the add-on kit have two stop lights and indicator lights which flashes for each change of direction.

These steam rollers will be available as complete assembled models. For people who already owning a Wilesco Steam Roller, a add-on kit can be extended within two steps. The first step is a add-on kit whch contains the transmitter and the receiver for the steering function. This extension does not require particular modelmaking skills and can be easily added on the model. The second step contains the necessary mounting parts so that the direction can be changed with the transmitter. The assembling is easy for everybody with the included instructions.

Technical Data

Length, Width, Height: 320 x 150 x 200 mm
Weight: 1,9 kg
Special gift box: 340 x 160 x 215 mm


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